A simple .NET tool to convert ENGDAT abstract files into a readable HTML format. It also supports links to attached files and original file name restoration.

Version history:

11.07.2010 v1.00 initial release

26.07.2010 v1.01

* Commented out the Console.ReadKey(true) at the end of the source because this blocks batch processing


05.09.2010 v1.02

* Added exception handling while moving abstract file to processed folder
* Bodytext of information email could now contain the ##DATE## placeholder
* Global exception caught to prevent the "Application error, send report to MS..." window
* Added code that checks for an attached debugger and waits for an enter when application is started in IDE


06.09.2010 v1.03

* Deleting existing target file in processed folder failed due to wrong filename construction, fixed

30.09.2010 v1.04

* Empty lines in abstract blocked the whole processing, fixed


16.10.2010 v1.05

* Empty lines and CR/NL still blocks the whole processing, fixed by removing all CR/NL from the whole abstract.
* I've checked the VDA documentation again and it seems that CR/NL are not allowed within segments.
* For security and backward compatibility reasons I introduced a new parameter: /REMOVECRNL: {yes | no}
* Default value : NO


26.10.2010 v1.06

* CR where ignored by the /REMOVECRNL switch, fixed (important to files from non Win scenarios)


19.09.2011 v1.07

* ?' fields in FTX segments could be removed using the /REMOVEQMA switch before processing the file.
* (This is important for scenarios where ' are sent as ?' . If not used, the ?' would be interpreted as segment delimiter.)

26.11.2011 v1.08

* Multiple LOF elements lead to an error -> Fixed


27.11.2011 v1.09

* Added LOF (Link Of File) information to output (if existing)